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Diamond Dig Rules


 We want this to be a fun, festive and exciting way to raise money for a very worthy cause!

  • Individuals must bring or pick up their bucket the day of the event to scoop.
  • If you do not have your bucket you will not be allowed to participate.
  • The money received for buckets not picked up and used the day of the event will be considered a donation.
  • No digging will be done on an individual’s behalf.
  • If an individual cannot be present, it is their responsibility to find someone to dig for them and to notify the management at Haywood’s Westlake of any name changes for bucket pickup.
  • Unauthorized pickups are not permitted.
  • All bucket donations are final.
  • There will be no returns or refunds.
  • Only one scoop per bucket.
  • No one may scoop more than 3 buckets at a time.
  • There is a limit of 9 buckets per person.
  • Each participant will have a limit of 20 seconds to scoop.
  • There will be a line, and it is first come first served.
  • Employees and those family members living in their household are not eligible to dig.
  • The total number of buckets is limited.
  • If any buckets are still available, we will accept bucket donations on the day of the event until the limit is reached.
  • Any disputes or rule changes are done at the sole discretion of Haywood’s Westlake management. Their decisions are final.

Who benefits: The American Cancer Society

If people do not want a bucket but would like to support the American Cancer Society, we will gladly accept their donations.


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