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Diamond Dig

Date: Saturday August 20, 2022 Time: 10am-2pm
Haywood’s Jewelers - Smith Mountain Lake
13020 Booker T Washington Hwy Hardy, VA 24101

Set-up: We will have a custom made sandbox - 12’ x 2.5’. In this box there will be over 600 carats of gems. The grand prize is a beautiful 1.01 carat rectangular radiant-cut diamond. There are also many other diamonds, as well as sapphires, garnets, onyx, topaz, etc.

Buckets: There are only 400 available.

For a donation to the American Cancer Society of at least $35, we will give the customer a bucket. With this bucket, they are allowed one scoop of sand. The sand will be sifted, and the contents of that scoop are theirs to keep.

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